On the Road, Accessories is what you need to take with you on your ride. These are very vital for keeping you going and not calling for help.

In the Pack (1 patch kit, 1 tool, 1 tire lever, 1 spare tube):

Storage Pouch Bike Wedge Pack.
If you can't fix it with this, you're going to have to call for help/ride.
I use these daily.
If space is a issue. More for adjusting seat/bars, small adjustments.
Just in case you have more then one flat during your ride.
CO2 pumps work very well.
Just in case you don't like to use glue for patching.

On the Bike:

If you don't what a CO2 pump or a back up is good too.
These work great and I have too many to count.
This one works well too.
Good to be seen day or night!
Light and cool looking.
This puts out some kick-in light!
Standard go to. This should fit over Front Der Bands.