Taking SCARY out of used bikes, one bike at a time.

This winter marks 20 years ago the closing of Parker Bikes. When locking the doors for the last time at the shop I worked at for over 11 years, I had no idea how my life would twist and turn over the next 20 years—a lot of good times and some sad times. I will always cherish the days and years I worked with my parents, even though they were hard at times with long days and weeks. “Still wouldn’t trade it for the world,” as my dad would say. Those experiences have given me the passion that keeps me driven today doing the I Know a Guy Bicycles. I have found an excellent balance of running a shop with less stress, and you know the good stuff. You can almost say that Parker BIkes was reborn into I Know a Guy Bicycles, and I keep the passion of our family business going. I even roped my son into helping me out, so yes, it’s still a family thing. Plus, a few great friends that turned wrenches back in the day. In short, after the shop closed, my father passed a few years after and 20 years later. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So this holiday season, if you remember or were a part of the Parker Bikes Family, raise a glass and toast to the good old times and be happy that the Parker Bike legacy still lives on.
I Know a Guy Bicycles