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I Know A Guy Bicycles offers 3 different wax services: Silca’s Secret Chain Blend, Molten Speed Wax, and The Guy’s Beeswax (House Blend).

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I Know A Guy Bicycles offers 3 different wax services: Silca’s Secret Chain Blend, Molten Speed Wax, and The Guy's Beeswax (House Blend).

You don't know what you are missing if you’ve never used a paraffin-coated chain. Not only are they super fast, but they’re also extremely clean and oddly quiet. With a paraffin-coated chain, you’ll rarely need to clean your drive train, and your gear will last much longer. The chains are stripped of all factory grease if new or dirty grim using a three-step cleaning process. Then I apply the wax of your choice.

The paraffin coating will last on average for most road riders around 220 miles (350km) and mountain bikers around 125 miles (200km). The dryer the conditions, the longer it will last. Even in wet conditions, the wax will outperform any lube on the market. This leads us to the next recommendation.

Industry-standard best way to run a paraffin system is to rotate chains. For example, if you ride 700 miles (1,127km) a month, you’d be best rotating 3 chains. Use the first chain for about 10 days of riding, swap to your second chain for days 11-20 days of riding, and when you get to the third chain, send us the first two chains to get re-waxed. But I personally just ride it until it makes noise, then swap it out. Typically, most people will get 2 years out of their chains using this system!

This service includes 3-step cleaning of the chain(s) and sending your cassette(s) as well. (One cassette to one chain) if sending more than one chain. I'm including a cassette cleaning to ensure your drivetrain is mostly clean and will get the best results. Highly recommend you clean your derailleurs and crankset from old grease and debris.

Note: This service is for new or lightly used chains and cassettes. This will not resurrect dead, overused, or worn-out, need-to-be recycled parts.

After checkout, you will be sent instructions on how to send in your chains and cassettes. If you're buying new, you can send directly from Amazon or other distributors to save shipping costs.


Shipping: You Pay to send it to me; return shipping is included in the service price via USPS. (lower 48 states)

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Silca Secret Chain Blend, Molten Speedwax, The Guy's Beeswax (House Blend)