Taking SCARY out of used bikes, one bike at a time.

Here is a top 10 checklist to consider:
1. Are the Tires aired up, and the tread is in good shape? There are no cracks, flat spots, the sidewall is in good condition, etc.
2. Do the wheels spin smoothly? Rim doesn’t hit the brakes, no vibration when rolling.
3. Brakes feel responsive and pull equally.
4. The cables are clean, and the housing is not cracked.
5. Frame and fork have no cracks, significant dings, bubbling paint, stickers that may be hiding something. Plus, bring a rag and cleaner to wipe down the frame. Dirt hid two racked frames that I bought.
6. Measure the chain with a ruler. Pins should match up to the inches. Not super precise, but will let you know if the chain needs to be replaced.
7. Check derailleurs for scrapes and impacts, plus the jockey pulleys.
8. It should shift smoothly and hit all gears during the test ride. If you can’t test ride it, do NOT buy it!
9. Make sure the headset is smooth and not loose.
10. Make sure the Bar Tape/ Grips and seat are in good shape.
Suppose you find one or two of these issues, just walkway. It will cost you hundreds to get fixed up. The average repair cost on used bikes could go up to $200-$400. Being a former service manager at several shops was the going range. Probably more now because of shortages.