Taking SCARY out of used bikes, one bike at a time.

Sorry, “bad dad joke” from my dad about getting flats.
But seriously what is bad is if you see the tread of your tires crack or in this case peel off. Time for new tires and this maybe one reason you’re getting flats.
Second it the rim tape. If it slide over or not covering the spoke hole inside the rim, this will cut the tube under pressure. Keep in mind that road bikes can get up to 110-120 pounds of pressure per square inch just inflated. More when you put your butt on the seat.
Reconditions are tires. To select one that has some flat prevention in it. Like a belt or liner that prevents sharp objects to push through. Example: Continental Gator Skins, Specialized Armadillo or Bontrager Hard Case.
For rim tape, I always use Velox tape. But make sure you get the right width. Example: 16mm. But note sometime rims take their own brand, especially if it’s tubeless.