Taking SCARY out of used bikes, one bike at a time.

I bought this bike thinking it would be a great entry level road bike. Didn’t look to bad, needed a new chain and new cables and would be a good little bike.

But as I strip down the bike (like all of my refurbished bikes) cleaning all the grease off the frame I found a crack on the Head Tube. Keep in mind the original owner didn’t know. (at least I hope so) I’m glad I bought this bike. Because to even an expert like me, I missed it. And someone else could’ve bought this one, and how the crack is set, failure would be certain. I’m more than happy to take this one off the market for safety reasons.

So be careful out there when looking at used bikes. Something as small as this crack could put you in harms way. Request a full inspection if possible by a professional mechanic. Or at least have a shop take a look at it before you ride it. What you pay for the extra service will save at the Emergency Room.