SRAM PC-870 Chain – 8-Speed – WAXED


NEW! SRAM PC870 6/7/8 Speed Chain Silver/Gray – Silca Super Secret WAXED

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NEW! SRAM PC870 6/7/8 Speed Chain Silver/Gray – Silca Super Secret WAXED

Pre-waxed chains go through our 4-step process to maximize the longevity of the wax coating:

  • Removal of the factory-applied packing grease (3-step process) Using Ultrasonic Cleaner.
  • Rinse With Alcohol and Fan Dryed
  • Apply chains in the wax-heated bath for 15 minutes (5 minutes of those in Ultrasonic Cleaner)
  • Run through our wax-shedding machine to lessen the mess.

Then, it was placed in the original repackaging.

You don’t know what you are missing if you’ve never used a paraffin-coated chain. Not only are they super fast, but they’re also extremely clean and oddly quiet. With a paraffin-coated chain, you’ll rarely need to clean your drive train, and your gear will last much longer. The chains are stripped of all factory grease using a three-step cleaning process. Then I apply the wax to the chains.

The paraffin coating will last on average for most road riders around 220 miles (350km) and mountain bikers around 125 miles (200km). The dryer the conditions, the longer it will last. Even in wet conditions, the wax will outperform any lube on the market. This leads us to the next recommendation.

Industry-standard best way to run a paraffin system is to rotate chains. For example, if you ride 700 miles (1,127km) a month, you’d be best rotating 3 chains. Use the first chain for about 10 days of riding, swap to your second chain for days 11-20 days of riding, and when you get to the third chain, send us the first two chains to get re-waxed. But I personally just ride it until it makes noise, then swap it out. Typically, most people will get 2 years out of their chains using this system!

I have a service that includes 3-step cleaning of the chain(s) and sending your cassette(s) as well. (One cassette to one chain) if sending more than one chain. I’m including a cassette cleaning to ensure your drivetrain is mostly clean and will get the best results. I highly recommend you clean your derailleurs and crankset from old grease and debris. Click Here for more Details.

Note: This service is for new or lightly used chains and cassettes. This will not resurrect dead, overused, or worn-out, need-to-be recycled parts.

Note: It’s messy and is not for everyone!

Silca Secret Chain Blend: This is a hot melt wax that is made with a blend of paraffin wax, PTFE, and tungsten disulfide. It is known for its low friction, long-lasting properties, and ability to improve the lifespan of your chain.

✅ Hot Melt chain wax is known for its low friction and long-lasting properties. It can help to improve your bike’s performance and extend the life of your chain.

✅ To apply Hot Melt chain wax, you will need a wax pot, a chain cleaning tool, and some rags. You will also need to wear gloves and eye protection.

✅ The first step is to clean your chain thoroughly. You can do this with a chain cleaning tool or by scrubbing it with a degreaser.

✅ Once your chain is clean, you must melt the wax in the pot. You can do this on the stove or in a microwave.

✅ Once the wax is melted, you must dip your chain into the wax. Make sure to coat the entire chain evenly. (I suggest about 5 min)

✅ After you have dipped your chain in the wax, you will need to let it cool and harden. This will take about 30 minutes. (I would let it finish cooling on the bike for 24 hours)

✅ Once the wax has hardened, you can ride your bike. The wax will help to lubricate your chain and keep it running smoothly. Here are some of the benefits of using chain wax:

✅ Low friction: Melt chain wax has very low friction, which can help to improve your bike’s performance.

✅ Long lasting: Hot Melt chain wax can last hundreds of miles, so you won’t have to reapply it as often as other types of lubricants.

✅ Clean: Hot Melt chain wax doesn’t attract dirt and grime, so your chain will stay cleaner longer.

✅ Environmentally friendly: Hot Melt chain wax is biodegradable, so it’s a more environmentally friendly option than some other types of lubricants.

If you’re looking for a high-performance, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly lubricant for your bicycle chain, then chain wax is a great option.

Now I’m providing a service you can try without the cost and mess at home

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  • They will be shedding for about 5-10 miles, so do it outside.
  • Follow the manufacturer chain installation.
  • To lengthen life you can apply the bottle of Silca Seacret lube between services.