Taking SCARY out of used bikes, one bike at a time.

“Wait a second” was my first thought to CRAP!

Someone had modified this frame to fit a replaceable hanger when it was NOT designed for it.
What probably happened is that the original rider crashed and bent the hanger to no repair. This usually means the frame is toast. So they cut off the hanger, drilled a hole to fit mounting screws, and filed the drop out to fit a hanger they found.
Clever, but so unsafe, and passing this along to a new owner is reckless.
Why? Well, the drilling holes and filing weakens the dropout. Even with a hanger added and the pressure of the hub/skewer, the dropout can break. You’re talking about high tension from shifting, pressure from pedaling and load from sitting on the bike. All these aspects are tested when building a bike frame and should not EVER be modified unless from the dealer.
Even with my frustration of missing this issue when buying the bike, I know I have taken a bicycle off the used market that could have seriously hurt someone. Yes, this frame is toast and will be destroyed.
Bicycle Derailleur Hanger Dropout
Bicycle Derailleur Hanger Dropout