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Yes, this could be confusing and challenging. There are a lot of size charts and reference material out there. Keep in mind that each brand has its sizing and charts, and they do fluctuate over time. This is on purpose because what makes their brand different is the geometry of their frames. Most components and wheels can be found across the cycling industry.
Where to start? Find some manufacturer charts for the bike you’re looking for. Once you have those, you are closer, but not yet. Size is a good starting point, but fitting to that size is equally important. Making the seat height and possession correctly. Plus, how you are positioned in the cockpit “Reach.”
To help with this, I provide a geometry chart for each bike I sell to help decide what will fit you correctly and your rides will be the most comfortable. If you are local, I provide a fitting to each bike I sell, which will add to your riding experience.
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